Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Less Stress

Hello ladies,
One thing I must say is I LOVE nail polish. I think nail polish is one of the best accessories to wear. Its so easy to change it up. You can wear one coat of your favorite nude shade or a pop of color to enhance any outfit. I also feel its a great way to relieve stress. No seriously. If I'm having a bad day I paint my nails. I think it has to do with pampering yourself. When you 'take care' of yourself it makes you feel better (and look better too). And who doesn't love that?? What do you do to relieve stress??

With it being Fall now I had to find a nice shade for the season. I currently have on a shade of orange with a pop of metallic gray on my ring finger. Kind of Halloween-like. I went for the gray instead of the obvious choice of black. I started to design them up a bit but found I liked them just the way they were.

I'll add a picture later if you guys would like to see. Let me know. And Please comment ;)