Monday, October 13, 2014

Random Thoughts and Pretty Stuff

Taking a break from my serious life and having a "Me" moment. I deal with a lot day to day. So busy, busy busy... Things work my mental, physical and everything in between. I'm on this journey and finding out what I'm made of. Often I hit a wall, and get stuck thinking and not knowing what to do next. I hope to turn to this site and those things and remind myself of the things that motivate me and make me smile.

Look to the things that make you smile when you're down. Here are a few things I saved and would like to share:
Working with Athletes for Charity. Was able to meet Don Carey of the Detroit Lions.
Awesome day!!

Tired of sitting in the house my son and I went out for a bite to eat.

One of my latest creations. I feel so good about this one. It's so freaking pretty!!
And yummy! Mmm!

These are the moments I live for and keep me going.
Have a great start to the work week!!

Revamp Remodel Redesign

Well Fall time has come around again. It's Time To Revamp your wardrobe. Remodel rooms in the house, and Redesign anything that hints Summer or Spring Time. Basically Time To Shop. That's is all I hear! Right?! Time to buy scarves, hats, cool and funky pieces to layer up and look stylish. Okay yes I like to shop but I do not want do much shopping. I bought a few pieces like dresses, tights, sweaters, and boots. You know the usual for the season. Browns, oranges, and all the natural tones are my go to's around this time of year. Reminds in the changing colors of the leaves. My favorite so far the season is mustard yellow. Such a pretty color and it its so pretty against my skin.

I'm in the mood to change my site up a bit. So if you see some changes, let me know what you think.

Have a good one.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Creative Bug

Hello and welcome again to I have been having a lot of fun sewing and updating my blog. The creative bug must have bit me. I hope you guys like, follow, and comment. If not just look around and get inspired to make something, or do something great. There's a lot of evil things going on in the world now and I'm just trying to keep positive. Keep the faith and make a change. I've cried almost everyday, sad and pissed off at my FB news feed. I see all these silly fights, and other nonsense. Then on top of that I see killings of young unarmed men... women being kicked and hit by police officers. It's a cycle that must stop. So sewing right now is a way to relieve the stress and hurt I feel. How do you feel about whats going on?

Back to the skirt. I've been finishing up this skirt for the last couple of days. Not that it was difficult. But every time I wanted to work on it it was late at night and I needed to rest for work in the AM. I managed to work on it a little a every day. My lines across at the seam are straight and everything. There's just one seam in the back, a elastic waist, and look... I even made a tag :) I got the idea to do it from a girl on YT that was making a skirt. She had fabric paint, a scrap piece of fabric and a toothpick. I thought it was so cute and decided to do it myself.
I bought the paint from Wal-Mart for less than $3. cut up a piece of polka dot fabric and free styled. didn't use a toothpick.

I made a few to try and get the hang of it. ISP is of course for Its So Pretty.

Had a fun time making these. I'm going to design a tag and make some more creative looking. My daughter and I will be making some shirts with the paint as well. A fun little arts and craft project would be nice. I try to do some with her to keep her happy. I'll post those once we do them.
Here's the final look.

Hope you enjoyed!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Upcycle: Ralph Lauren

Welcome back! I have been on a posting spree and I love it! I found this cute dress at the thrift store. yes I go to the thrift store, no shame in it. I've been taken, sometimes forced, to go to these store when I was a little girl. Back then I didn't want anyone to see me. Kids can be so cruel. Though I truly didn't mind it after I seen what cute clothes and toys I could buy and for cheap!
This dress here was "saved" from Value World. The plan was to find a few pieces and bring them back from death. Upcycle instead of Recycle. A term used frequently around the web meaning to revamp and bring a newer version.
The dress was a size four. I knew it would be too small for me but I was in love with the print. It's beautiful right?! The colors are so pretty :) Plus is Ralph Lauren. Not that I'm a huge label whore. But I knew that meant the fabric would be good quality. I went in looking for pieces that I would end up cutting and revamping so I must withstand torture. Bawhaha.

cute right?

chop chop

cut a piece of elastic the length of your waist, sew to raw edge, flip over, then sew around to hide elastic

no need to hem the bottom! done!

That's all. It was pretty easy. I will have to post pictures of how I styled it. I was thinking a V-neck black or pink top? Any other ideas? Do you like this? Would you like more? I was thinking of doing a Thrifty Thursday or something ;) How does that sound?