Thursday, December 22, 2011

New year, New dress

Hello ladies, and gents? The new year I approaching, and fast. I have no idea where I'm going or what I'm doing. But whatever it may be, I have to look fly! Lol.
Okay so like I stated in my previous post I have this dress and no idea what to wear with it. I tried it on and loved it! I ordered it online from River Island (cheerio darling). Blk and white stripes. I wore it the day it came (couldn't resist) but it didn't have that wow factor that I was looking for. So this is why I have come to you guys... Help!! Ill post the dress. What color shoes? Makeup? Tights, Leggings? Whatever u guys can think up.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!
-Coco :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2 Full Pinkies

Whats up world?? Long time no post. I know I know. I suck. I doubt it really because who reads this stuff anyways, right? But that isnt why Im here. Im here because I am very happy to say that I have made it through another semester!! Yes, yes, I have all my limbs. I didnt cut not a one off. Although I did tend to nibble alittle on my pinkie. :-0
No I'm kidding. But yes finals are over. And the partying may begin. I have a dress Ive been dying to post on here to get an opinion of what I should pair it with. Or a maybe I can put a quick polyvore link up. I think I'm starting to really like that site. Okay see you guys a few shakes of a lamb's tail. =)


I found a very old pic. Madness on Twitpic
Oh and look what I dug up. I was in like the 9th grade.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Better to Give AND Receive

Hello World!
Selfish title huh? Dont tell me you didn't ONCE think about it. We all want to receive as well as give. I'm not the type to ONLY give gifts if I know I'm getting something in return. Even though an even exchange would be nice. Am I Correct??? I digress.
I'm more so talking about buying gifts for yourself. I have been doing a lot of shopping online. And with every site I see things and say "o0o that would look nice on me" or "hey that would match perfect with my (insert item here)" And the list goes on. It made me think because I'm on Hot Topic right now and they're having a BOGO 50% off sale. I haven't been to HT in a nice min. Guess I've dropped my obsession with the "dark side" of fashion. But I seen some nice colored jeans and fell in love. They're purple. I said I will get me a nice pair soon. And these are right up my alley. I want them! And the sale is reeling me in. But I need to spend this money on loved ones (sad face). Lol. No seriously. Its okay to buy myself some nice things right? I mean, whats the fun in shopping if I can't get a few items for me???

I guess that's the true meaning of xmas right? (double sad face) I guess I will delete them from my cart then. Bye Bye Purple Loves. It was nice dreaming of items to pair you with. Maybe after xmas......

Saturday, December 10, 2011

What to Wear When You're Going Nowhere

Check this post I found while surfing around. Please read...
Keiko Lynn: Be just who you are.
The necklace is cute I must say. And the pics. But the words of Keiko Lynn are so very true. I often find myself debating whether or not to "dress-up" on days when I'm not going anywhere special. But if this didnt just sum it all up in a nutshell.
You dont have to be going anywhere to do your hair, nails, makeup or anything. I think its a perfect way to relieve a little stress and have fun. I said the same thing before in a previous blog about nail polish. Its all about making yourself feel good. Of course you want other people to see and notice your hard work, but the first person you want to satisfy is yourself. You have to approve FIRST, everyone else is just to confirm what YOU already know. Throwing on some cute clothes when your just going to the market for a few things is perfectly okay. I see way to many females just walk outside in their PJs. I mean I guess this is okay when you REALLY need to go to the corner store real quick. But to be all Walmart with the clothes you slept in all night is just unaccpectable. Jogging/sweat pants at the least please?? Please share your thoughts and opinions.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nail Date: Pink Power

Hello world,
I just did my nails a few hours ago and decided to share with you all. I think nail polish is one of the best accessories. Its so easy to change up a look. You could wear a nude shade or add a pop of color to neutral colored wardrobe. I love nail polish.
I love changing my nail color after a bad day. Its a nice way to relieve stress. No seriously. It changes my mood for some reason. Maybe it has to do with the pampering stage. Because you're making yourself look better it helps you feel better. I'm sure there's articles on that. I'll leave that for another post.
I keep buying different shades of pink for some odd reason. Also I been growing to like things that shine and sparkle. So girly right?? I know..

Well check out these pics and tell me how feel ;)

~These are the colors I used~



I even did my little girls nails.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Whats Next?

Hello world. I'm trying to figure out what the main purpose of my blog will be. I want it to be a reflection of me. I like some of everything though. But what do I know the most about that will bring me the most content??? Umm (pondering)... Im not to sure.

I've been doing a lot of web surfing as of lately. Mainly viewing different tumblr and blogger pages. This is my new addiction since I "dumped" facebook. That site was really starting to work my nerves. (More ranting on that later). I have been enjoying a nice number of fashion blogs though. The only thing with that is it makes me want to shop. One of my guilty pleasures. I cant help it though. I love beautiful things, and I like them on me, so I buy them to put on me.. makes perfect sense right?

I was thinking of a very shiny and girly page where I talk about fashion. But I dont consider myself an expert in that as of yet. Im still learning the "dos and donts." I love putting things together to go out or to work. Or how about a "natural hair" site? Ive been a "natural hair rockstar" for alittle over a year now. So I think I know alittle something something. It would be fun to try that approach. But whatever it is that I will talk about I know it will be from the heart first. No point in rambling on and on when its not something that is on my heart and mind. Thats why I believe my site will be about some of everything and anything. Shoes, hair, clothes, writings, readings, technology, celebs.... I even thought about changing my name. Um. Maybe. It seems to be very fitting as of now. What do you think??


Friday, February 25, 2011

On a roll

So I worked out for the 2nd night in a row. I gotta get this summer body together! Its going to be here before you know it. Im tired of lookin down at my belly and thinkin "Am I pregnant?" Now thats just plain sad. Some would think Im trippin cuz Im already small... But this belly says different.
So Im going to keep up the good progess. I was working out at school but that cuts into other things. Working out at home leaves the excuses at the door! My goal is to have sexy! Rockin! Hot abs by summer!!
Itty bitty bikini here I come!! ;)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Simple Nail Designs: Abby's Tips and Tricks

Simple Nail Designs: Abby's Tips and Tricks: "Tip #1 - If you get polish on your skin, don't wipe it off right away. Wait until it dries and dip a cotton swab in some polish remover. You..."

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Chapter

I'm in a new stage in life. New Semester, New Year, New Goals to Conquer. My BF and I recently broke up (tear here). We've been together for 3 yrs. March 16th would have been 4 yrs. Its all so crazy right now. I'm in a weird place. I'll talk more about how I feel about that later.
I believe that everything happens for a reason. It may be unknown right now, but everything will come to the light soon enough.  Well I have to head to class right now, so catch you (whoever may be reading) on the flip side.

Friday, January 14, 2011

First Post!

Watched Social Network last night and got inspired to start a blog. I liked the beginning when Marc came home, got drunk, and put his ex on blast. It was kind of bold but thats how it goes. We all do it. And the ironic part is we often do it on Facebook now. We put bfs, gfs, exs all on blast via Facebook, Twitter, MySpace. Well Im not sure about MySpace anymore (do ppl still use that?).
Speaking of which when do you think Facebook will fade out?? I wonder.