Thursday, May 2, 2013

Its a Beautiful Day

The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the wind? A bit windy but it was just great. People were out and about and smiling. Me and my 2 month old got out for awhile after we dropped his sister off to school. I went to see some family and then a few friends. I sat and had a little chat with them all. I got to see my granny, give her a little breakfast, and help her out around the house a bit. I hardly get to visit her but I was glad I did today. I even sat around her house and watch the Style channel. It was nice to indulge a little cable, ya know? I had a mission the whole day: to get a few dollars to make it through the week because a sista is flat broke... And although I wasn't able to borrow any money, my hubby got upset with me, my tank was low, and all I had was three dollars to my name... I still manged to have an awesome day. I'm smiling through it all. You know why? Because all that physical stuff really doesn't matter. And really that's saying a lot coming from me. Some of us give all that crap so much power over our lives. All that matters is that you're healthy and able to enjoy the day you're in. I'm sure most of this feeling comes from the fact Spring is here and the Sun gives you all these feel good emotions. The skin is happy, the mind is happy. I'm so glad to be into today.

Today was a very pretty day.