Monday, December 12, 2011

Better to Give AND Receive

Hello World!
Selfish title huh? Dont tell me you didn't ONCE think about it. We all want to receive as well as give. I'm not the type to ONLY give gifts if I know I'm getting something in return. Even though an even exchange would be nice. Am I Correct??? I digress.
I'm more so talking about buying gifts for yourself. I have been doing a lot of shopping online. And with every site I see things and say "o0o that would look nice on me" or "hey that would match perfect with my (insert item here)" And the list goes on. It made me think because I'm on Hot Topic right now and they're having a BOGO 50% off sale. I haven't been to HT in a nice min. Guess I've dropped my obsession with the "dark side" of fashion. But I seen some nice colored jeans and fell in love. They're purple. I said I will get me a nice pair soon. And these are right up my alley. I want them! And the sale is reeling me in. But I need to spend this money on loved ones (sad face). Lol. No seriously. Its okay to buy myself some nice things right? I mean, whats the fun in shopping if I can't get a few items for me???

I guess that's the true meaning of xmas right? (double sad face) I guess I will delete them from my cart then. Bye Bye Purple Loves. It was nice dreaming of items to pair you with. Maybe after xmas......

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