Saturday, December 10, 2011

What to Wear When You're Going Nowhere

Check this post I found while surfing around. Please read...
Keiko Lynn: Be just who you are.
The necklace is cute I must say. And the pics. But the words of Keiko Lynn are so very true. I often find myself debating whether or not to "dress-up" on days when I'm not going anywhere special. But if this didnt just sum it all up in a nutshell.
You dont have to be going anywhere to do your hair, nails, makeup or anything. I think its a perfect way to relieve a little stress and have fun. I said the same thing before in a previous blog about nail polish. Its all about making yourself feel good. Of course you want other people to see and notice your hard work, but the first person you want to satisfy is yourself. You have to approve FIRST, everyone else is just to confirm what YOU already know. Throwing on some cute clothes when your just going to the market for a few things is perfectly okay. I see way to many females just walk outside in their PJs. I mean I guess this is okay when you REALLY need to go to the corner store real quick. But to be all Walmart with the clothes you slept in all night is just unaccpectable. Jogging/sweat pants at the least please?? Please share your thoughts and opinions.



  1. I agree! I was never one to leave the house just looking a mess! My grandma always said, "You never know who you're gonna meet or run into while you're out and about." Take time to take care no matter where you're going and you will carry yourself differently. And now, since I started blogging, I notice that I go the extra mile when leaving the house. lol!!

  2. Grandma is absolutly correct. I ddnt even think about that part. You may seen Mr.Right but he's lookin at you like "that is so wrong". Lol.
    I had this mind set yesterday to jus throw on some jeans and nikes. But quickly was uplifted but a shirt in my closet. I felt so good when I put something together that I never would have before. Jus wish I had time for make up ;-)

  3. agreeeeeeeeee! i really like when ppl dont't give up and celebrate every possible moment.

  4. I think it's atrocious to see females walking around in headscarfs and pjs ...if ur in that much of a hurry just stay home please!!!!! You NEVER know who you are going to see and I refuse to see people and look a MESS......noway.......I don't think looking pretty should be for "occasions" everyday is a day to make the world your runway.....that's my motto.