Tuesday, January 17, 2012

All Work and Some Play

My baby has come back to me! She was a little sick but the PC Doc put her back together again. I thought I was going to have some sort of attack! They were taking soo long to get my laptop back to me. But shes back home and in good shape. I'm glad too because I have a paper I have to type up like NOW! So this will be a quick post. Just wanted to jump in and give my two cents.
BTW Happy belated MLK Day! I spent mines sitting around retweeting King quotes. I wish I could have seen the movie based on him but I dont have cable so its hard to catch the good stuff.

This last Saturday me and my girls Angie and Tasha (my niece "2yrs apart") went out. It was a little spot on the east side. BYOB. And we had a ball. The DJ was jammimg all night. And the lights were on point! It was so awesome. Haven't had a night like that in a mintue. Well needed. There was a lady selling gadgets that light and blink. U know the things they sell to the kids in the summer time. I had to have one! My friend got one for me, some glasses. I'll post a pic. I was fooling! Lol.
Oh yeah that reminds me I have to post a pic of my outfit for New Years. I followed Ticka's advice and went with the purple heels. I got them from Bakers. Very cute! I'll get to that post soon enough :)

Ok I think I did enough chit chatting. Now on to the real work.. my summary paper for Eng 1020 thats due tomorrow. Talk to ya'll soon!


(Now that I think about it. The pic is here->>> In my TwitPic "gadget")

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