Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Smoothie Love

Mmm I love a good smoothie. (Please do not think of McDonald's when I say smoothie. That is not what I mean but a GOOD smoothie. That is powered crap and that's all I'm going to say about that.) If you have ever had a GOOD smoothie, I'd bet you wanted another one just like it. I've made plenty and they never taste quite the same. But that is on purpose. I like to experiment. Some are green, a few brown, and some purple or pink. Bananas and blueberries, Strawberries and Mangoes, Kiwi and Apples. Doesn't that sound so good? I mean like realllly good in your mouth. The flavors are like porn in your mouth... Okay maybe not really but if its not that good at least it is good for you.
spinach and bananas

Spinach, the best to add for a Green Smoothie, in my opinion. Kale is pretty good too but I didn't master blending my greens very fine until I did a little research. I have perfected it now when blending spinach. The trick is to mix your liquid and green FIRST before adding any other fruits or veggies. Start the blender off slow and give the blender a few minutes to really chop it up good. That way all the bit little go down smoothly. But still check your teeth after drinking.

I find recipes online that I really like and write them down or bookmark them. Look for the ones that have things you would actually buy or already carry in your house. For example I had a container full of oats in the cabinet. Taking that, a banana and a few strawberries, a nice amount of milk, I'd made a tasty beverage. Just try it with anything you like. Play with the flavor. If tangy maybe add something sweet.
strawberry and banana

Its the best way to get the recommend amount of vegetables and fruits per day. This will help you stay healthy and strong with little effort. Mind and body all getting the vitamins it needs. No cooking and hassle. Nothing wrong with keeping your body healthy right? You only get one. How about we do our best to take care of it. I'll get more into the reasons why its SOOO good for your body later...

Even the kids like it

There's still room for sweets. I have never been a huge fan of sweets but I do enjoy them. Just watch your intake. All that sugar is not good for the body. You can satisfy a sweet tooth sometimes buy adding apples to a smoothie with a bit of honey. Now don't get me wrong I love candy. Kit Kats, Twix, Reeses. But this isn't a post about them. This is a shoutout to a new love. One that I have found with my blender and food. Join in why don't you. It's SPRING TIME!!! Let's look good on the outside and inside.


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