Monday, October 13, 2014

Random Thoughts and Pretty Stuff

Taking a break from my serious life and having a "Me" moment. I deal with a lot day to day. So busy, busy busy... Things work my mental, physical and everything in between. I'm on this journey and finding out what I'm made of. Often I hit a wall, and get stuck thinking and not knowing what to do next. I hope to turn to this site and those things and remind myself of the things that motivate me and make me smile.

Look to the things that make you smile when you're down. Here are a few things I saved and would like to share:
Working with Athletes for Charity. Was able to meet Don Carey of the Detroit Lions.
Awesome day!!

Tired of sitting in the house my son and I went out for a bite to eat.

One of my latest creations. I feel so good about this one. It's so freaking pretty!!
And yummy! Mmm!

These are the moments I live for and keep me going.
Have a great start to the work week!!

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