Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Hobby

Cyber Monday was my day to get online and find some great deals to start a new project. I've picked up sewing! And I really like it. It only makes sense right. I like clothes, I like buying clothes, I don't like to spend a bunch of money... So why not just make the things I would like to buy??

I started with little things like replacing a zipper and hemming a few things but now I want to put a whole piece of clothing together.

Not sure how many of my followers out there have a sewing machine or ever sewed anything by hand, but its kinda neat. I've been watching YT vids to get my knowledge. I mean that's where everyone goes right?? I found out I need a sewing machine (Check), I need thread (Semi-Check), and I need some determination (Check-Check). But I need patterns, more thread colors besides white and black and I host of other things. So thats where Cyber Monday came into play. I went on Joanns and few other sites to find some deals. I found a few, but not many. I used most of my time reading reviews and finding out what 6 different footers are for, which I just felt I had to have!

So I am very excited for the packages I am soon to receive. I'll talk more about the projects I plan to start later. Right now I have to "run" off to class. Not much running since im 28 weeks preggy :)  Adios!



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  2. I used to love sewing! My mother was a seamstress so she taught me how to so and when I was younger I would make myself pyjamas which din't turn out so well lol

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope to hear from you again soon :)
    Black and Vanilla