Thursday, August 21, 2014

Upcycle: Ralph Lauren

Welcome back! I have been on a posting spree and I love it! I found this cute dress at the thrift store. yes I go to the thrift store, no shame in it. I've been taken, sometimes forced, to go to these store when I was a little girl. Back then I didn't want anyone to see me. Kids can be so cruel. Though I truly didn't mind it after I seen what cute clothes and toys I could buy and for cheap!
This dress here was "saved" from Value World. The plan was to find a few pieces and bring them back from death. Upcycle instead of Recycle. A term used frequently around the web meaning to revamp and bring a newer version.
The dress was a size four. I knew it would be too small for me but I was in love with the print. It's beautiful right?! The colors are so pretty :) Plus is Ralph Lauren. Not that I'm a huge label whore. But I knew that meant the fabric would be good quality. I went in looking for pieces that I would end up cutting and revamping so I must withstand torture. Bawhaha.

cute right?

chop chop

cut a piece of elastic the length of your waist, sew to raw edge, flip over, then sew around to hide elastic

no need to hem the bottom! done!

That's all. It was pretty easy. I will have to post pictures of how I styled it. I was thinking a V-neck black or pink top? Any other ideas? Do you like this? Would you like more? I was thinking of doing a Thrifty Thursday or something ;) How does that sound?


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