Tuesday, August 19, 2014

DIY: Purple Sundress

Hello All!
The next few post will be me catching up on some things. I love this one for a few reasons. One, the #purpleformeesha tag is about a young lady on YouTube name Meesha that made DIYs that were fun, quick, and easy. She would make these beautiful pieces and would say it's "SO Easy" over and over in her sweet little voice. She had a great following because of the way she explained how to make these garments. And her spirit and love? She made you think you could do it all. Her energy was so warm and loving. So why the purple for Meesha? Well her life was taken this summer by an ex boyfriend. She was the victim of domestic violence. And although they were no longer together and she was since married, he still came into her home while her kids were their and killed her in her sleep. It was so sad. I cried and was so very pissed. Some men are such cowards. I use to watch her videos all the time over and over for tips and tricks, I still do now. Meesha was a beautiful woman and mother and she will be truly missed.

Here is one of her videos on How to Make a Jumpsuit. Please watch it. You will see why everyone in the Sewing/DIY Community fell in love with her.

Next, on to the dress. I wasn't too sure on what to make. Or I had an idea of something with the Chervon print I want to make but I wasn't confident in my skills just yet to make it. I searched YT until I found a pretty simple enough sun dress to make. I will post the video below. It was by Threadbanger.
While on family vacation I made this dress (more about the trip later). Yes, I brought my sewing machine on vacation. Sewing is really relaxing to me and so much fun. Also I made the dress because during my week vacation it was my birthday, July16th. Yay. I'm now 27 years young :)
So yup this was my dress it turned out okay. And I love purple! It was just regular cotton. I believe I bought it from Wal-Mart. I made a few mistakes while making it but you can't really tell. With mistakes you learn a few things for the next time.
TIP: It was a bit time consuming to keep loading the bobbin with elastic thread. I think I had to do that like 4 times. FYI, I learned this method is called "shirring". So that's it.

Here's the Threadbanger video:

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Until next post, Stay inspired!